From the link above (or following) you can take a look at:

Get the mouse A silly game one of my first writings in JavaScript.
Game of Life A simulation of life, inspired by John H. Conway's game of same name.
Quotes Gives a random quote from a collection of 11 quotes there gives from good to non meaning, but as the say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
3D images An cool 3D engine enclosed in a Java Applet. The engine is cable of rendering object defined in a simple vertices and faces (triangels) format.
Real3D If you like the 3D images applet you can get the real experience her. I just finish converting it into Delphi, with a bunch of new plug-ins like 3D Red-Blue viewing, Gouraud shading ect.
Image Gallery My image gallery, you can write your own comments to the pictures, DO IT.